About Us

Built on a solid foundation

Mr T.A Murdoch started the Orrie Cowie flock in 1937 with mated Kalabity ewes, selecting animals with open faces, sound backs and nourished, heavy cutting fleeces. Average ewe fleece weights increased from 4.3kg to 5.7kg and yields increased to 60% as dust penetration decreased.

His son, Mr Vic Murdoch, continued selecting breeding stock with large frames and superior wool quality and cut. He added a draft of mated Brewarrana ewes (low micron, peppin blood) to the flock, average ewe wool cuts increased to 6.8kg and then 9.0kg of stylish white super soft handling fleece.

The merino stud was registered in 1965 and the poll merino stud registered in 1968.

In 1999 Vic's son-in-law and daugher, Dennis and Heather Dalla, purchased the Orrie Cowie merino stud and a third of the poll merino stud. They continued to select Australia's best breeding stock knowing the value of the Orrie Cowie elite wool qualities in reducing dust penetration, fleece rot and incidence of flystrike. In 2018, their son John is taking on a the larger role as stud master as Dennis retired from the role.

Health Status

All rams are predominantly paddock reared until preparation time and run under very dusty conditions. These underline the importance of well nourished quality wools. In the selection of rams, there is an obvious balance to be considered between desired yield and the degree of nourishment required for the environment experienced.

All rams are pre-sale drenched with a high potency worm drench (not normally used on OC) and vaccinated with a 6SB12 booster.

All rams received rumen bullets (3 year label activity) of Cobalt and Selenium deposited as lambs and Copper for the merinos.

Orrie Cowie is

  • Brucellosis accredited No 689
  • OJD MN3 - Fully Vaccinated Status
  • Footrot free (declaration available)
  • Tested liverfluke free
  • Drenching: Principally pre-lambing and 2 x lamb weaning drenches. Drenches are rotated or a Combination drench administered as appropriate. Orrie Cowie has a strong history of natural worm resistance and regularly takes faecal samples of flocks at maximum risk times. FEC's recorded are zero or near zero.
  • Vaccination program: Ewes are vaccinated pre-lambing with Glanvac 6-S. Lambs are vaccinated twice with Glanvac 6. Quarterly boosters are given to all sheep for enterotoxaemia.
  • Minerals: Lambs are given Cobalt and Selenium 'bullets' at four months. Adult sheep are treated every 3 years. Merino/Poll Merino rams are given a slow release Copper bullet.
  • Lice control: All sheep are treated offshears and the product is rotated to decrease the risk of resistance.