Poll Merinos and Merinos

Orrie Cowie breeds Poll Merino and Merino rams with large frames, great constitution, fertile and carrying long stapled, heavy fleeces of elite quality wool.

Breeding poll merinos and merinos for the future - the advantages for you

The modern alternative
Orrie Cowie genetics are renowned for their great depth of breeding and the new direction we are forging today is designed to breed tomorrow's sheep for you now.

Plainer & meatier than before
Where easy care, ease of shearing, resistance to flystrike and well-fleshed quick growing lambs out of exceptionally fertile rams and ewes is important, we do care.

Lustrous, white, nourished, soft handling, low micron wool
This whole fibre package relating to the unique Orrie Cowie skin type is designed to return you the most money per head maximising wool cut on a plain bodu and keeping the wool white, nourished and better protected from the elements, returns you more dollars.

High fertility & fast growth rates
Today's profit driver in merinos is definately number of lambs reared/ewe run on your property.

Breeding poll merinos and merinos for profit

  • merino fleece wool of the highest quality and lowest possible micron
  • merino sheep maturing quickly, fertile, easy care, easy shearing and high quality meat
  • merino lambs with low micron, high value wool, ready for slaugher with a minimum of fuss

Our Breeding Aims

We concentrate on big robust plain skinned and structurally correct sheep carrying genuine heavy fleece of quality low microning wool. There will be more money in the heavy cutting, middle to low microns in the long term.

  • stud ewe flock  - 19.5 micron, 8.5 - 9.0kg fleece
  • hoggets  - 18.3 micron
  • weaners and lambs - 16-18 micron

Orrie Cowie wool