At Orrie Cowie we aim to breed:

  • big, robust, structurally correct sheep
  • merinos and poll merinos carrying a genuine heavy fleece- white, nourished, elite quality, 21µ wool
  • EASY care sheep (plainer, easier to shear, resistance to flies, dermatitis, fleece rot and worms)
  • fertile ewes producing fast-growing lambs


2015 50th Annual Sale on-property

ASBV's available on most of the sale rams, showing many with national sheep industry trait leading measurements in the top 24 April/May 2014 drop rams on offer. For photos of OC Titan's sons for sale go to the sires page.

ALSO on offer will be:

60 x stud poll merino ewe and ewe hoggets

60 x stud merino ewe and ewe hoggets

See the Annual Sale page for details and photos



2015 on-property and Hamilton sale catalogues are now available. Go to the Annual Sales pages

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“It is our desire that you purchase PROFITABLE, EASY CARE SHEEP capable of taking you quickly along the breeding path we have already forged”.

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